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A fresh page to write your adventures

Copyright: Louise CreelyIt’s easy to get to the end of a year and wonder where your resolutions went. If you’re like me, you left them at the gym about mid-January.

But don’t despair. This is the perfect time to write your ‘done list’. The big, small, easy, fear-facing, clever, inspired or a little bit dull kind of stuff you actually did in 2015.

Even if it was buying that bike ready for your touring adventures or sticking at swimming when you still feel like a whale caught in a shark net…

Because if you look at what you’ve done, not the un-conquered to-do list, then you’ll feel a whole lot better about you and your life. And that has to be a good thing.

Someday soon you’re going to pack up that touring bike and head off, or have your mermaid or merman moment.

Whatever it is you’re dreaming about, start now – in a great leap or small steps.

Today you turn to a fresh page. It’s time to start writing your adventure story.

Copyright: Louise Creely

Five for Friday … fit for a traveller’s life

checklist2The silly season lists are getting ticked off. Santa’s about to get all the credit. You’re utterly exhausted – and you couldn’t fit another thing in.

But the new year looms, and I’ll bet you’re already getting swept up in that whole ‘resolutions list’ thing like I am. Even when I tell myself “not this year”.

Why do we consistently fail to do what’s on our list? Because we’re writing the WRONG lists.

Okay, it’s just a theory I came up with recently. But I’m so tired of writing lists I don’t stick to – like losing those extra kilos this year and getting super (try-athlete) fit and not letting life get in the way of… the list.

So here’s a new list for keeping healthy and fit wherever we are (or are going to) in the world:

  1. Be grateful: There’s nothing more energising than knowing you are blessed, even with the things we take for granted like wriggling our toes, shelter, sustenance, a breath, a thought, a heart beat…
  2. Re-sensitize: Battered as we are by constant stimuli, desensitizing has become our survival. Time to crank up those five gifts and lap up your life …. look, listen, smell, touch, taste (and enjoy!)
  3. Trip out: Travel every day, even if it’s only seeing ordinary things with new eyes
  4. Respect yourself: Love your body, whatever shape you’re in, and enjoy the passion of movement
  5. Indulge: In laughter, lots of it. Apart from giving your abs a workout, you’ll have more energy, less stress and a spring in your step.

Yes, EB is busy organising our cycling odyssey through Europe – and (loudly) delighting in my potential trip-specific training!

But whether it’s epic plans or minor moments, keeping fit and healthy so you’re ready to go anytime is important – because it slips, day by day and year by year, if we stop paying attention.

So let’s do the lists, but let’s do it right. It will make our new year resolutions so much more achievable.

Well, that’s my theory.


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