Author snapshot…

I think we’ve taken the whole concept of being windswept and interesting way too far.

One of my friends tells me life is all about ‘responding to the ebb and flow of an ever-changing universe’. Mine is more like gasping for breath in the pounding seas.

I run Dragonfly Ink, a writing, editing and business communication business. I’ve tucked ‘the novel I had to write’ in the bottom drawer for the moment, and I’m onto the next project…

Oh and did I mention trying to keep fit (without resorting to jogging); learning Italian (because I don’t have enough to do); and coming up with too many ideas and writing projects (which are helping me perfect my procrastination techniques).

Franklin is my a wild and fabulous husband (EB – aka the Energiser Bunny), who I’m sure would be diagnosed with ADHD if he was a kid today.

When he went for his truck license a few years ago, the instructor gave him a perfect scorecard. He said he’s never had anyone who could get everything right over a 1.5 hour driving test – while talking the whole time. Ah, EB – he’s the master of distraction…

We have five blended-not-stirred children between us – my three daughters and EB’s two sons. They’re a mad bunch and we love them to bits!

Add their partners and five wild and snuggly grandchildren to the mix, and we are family.

Now we’ve moved to Tasmania, we intend to perfect the art of being FIFO (fly-in fly-out) Grandies… arriving bearing gifts and leaving while they’re still clapping.

Well, that’s the plan.



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