Our escape machines

When it comes to escape machines, we’ve had a few.

Over the past 22 years, we’ve had three camper trailers – one that comfortably housed our five kids on many adventures – as well as a bus, a VW Trakka, the Douglas Albert, and a Landcruiser Troop Carrier.

IMG_5946Yes, we’re probably crazy. But transforming vehicles (and houses) is EB’s thing — and I’m not adverse to creating the escape plans (or offering design tips!).

Soon after the troopy was done, we also finished doing up our house on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales.

It was time to move on again – this time to Tasmania. Selling the house was hard, but letting the troopy go felt like giving up on ourselves.

But with one house to transform in Tasmania, and one to build, we had to make the call. Of course, EB is already searching for another potential escape vehicle to create.

There are some dreams you can’t – and should never – give up on.

Troop carrier camper


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