At some point in your life, you begin to realise you’re in a holding pattern. You’ve lived in the same city for too long. You’ve worked at the same job.

You have (mostly) the same rituals – the restaurants and wine bars,  the gym classes and cycle paths, the walking tracks and movie theatres, the local farmer’s markets and shops. You probably even holiday in the same or similar places…

And even if you love challenges and change, somehow you’ve slipped into a rut. You know… the one that gets so deep it becomes your grave?

You love hanging out with each other, you love your (expanding) family, you have a great bunch of friends. There’s even some comfort in living in a house that’s no longer a work in progress.

But there’s a nagging dissatisfaction, when you’re not too busy to let the thoughts wander in. Being in your comfort zone is making you edgy, because – year by year – it’s getting easier to stay there.

Except it isn’t you. You know it’s time for you to break the holding pattern and adjust your flight path. You know that time is now…

Lou and EB

So we’re making changes. We’re doing things differently. We don’t know where the path will take us, although we do have a few bookings.

Perhaps we’ll inspire you to change up your life. We may even bump into you (gently) on the journey…

Contact us at flightpath@dragonflyink.com.au      

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