Signs of life…

If you love stopping to read the signs outside bars, cafes and other places, you’ve come to the right place.

Over time, I’ll be putting up the quotable, funny or just plain wrong signs we come across on our travels – sometimes just down the road. Enjoy!

Signs of Barcelona

…outside an East Side bar in New York City


Copyright: Louise Creely

And the sign said…

Copyright: Louise Creely

Now there’s a department we’ve never thought of here! Too cute by far (Vietnam 2006)

Copyright: Louise Creely

They saw you coming, EB – no beating wooden lish and running around! (Vietnam 2006)

Dory wine sign

So apparently I’m a bit of a Dory! Oh dear (from MomSense on fb)

On the disabled toilet (Tokyo)

…on a disabled toilet in Tokyo (2016)

…but wait, there’s more (coming soon!)





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