Signs of life…

If you love stopping to read the signs outside (or inside) bars, cafes and other places, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a few of my favourite quotable, funny or just plain wrong signs we’ve come across on our travels – sometimes just down the road. Enjoy!


A bar in Granada, Spain – because I’m a bit of a gin lover 🙂

Signs of Barcelona

…outside an East Side bar in New York City


Copyright: Louise Creely

And the sign said…

Copyright: Louise Creely

Now there’s a department we’ve never thought of here! Too cute by far (Vietnam 2006)

Copyright: Louise Creely

They saw you coming, EB – no beating wooden lish and running around! (Vietnam 2006)

Dory wine sign

So apparently I’m a bit of a Dory! Oh dear (from MomSense on fb)

On the disabled toilet (Tokyo)

…on a disabled toilet in Tokyo (2016)

…but wait, there’s more (coming soon!)





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