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Brisbane nightscapes

Our crazy commuting existence continues, and time to travel or blogger on about it has evaporated. Yes the wishlist lives on, but living moment to moment has a lot going for it.

Like braving the chill to learn the tricks of night photography, and seeing Brisbane in a different light…

Copyright: Louise Ralph

Of course, I’m infinitely distractible and unaccustomed to timers and tripods. So I walked off a couple of times to find a better angle, with my camera and tripod in hand, forgetting I was mid-shot.

And I thought only EB couldn’t keep still for more than two seconds…

But yes, I did manage to occasionally – and here are some of the night moves to prove it.

Copyright: Louise Ralph

Council buses… or aliens?

Copyright: Louise Ralph

Brisbane’s wheel as buses pass us on the bridge…

Copyright: Louise Ralph

The Treasury Casino from South Bank…

Remember Forever runs brilliant workshops and masterclasses around Australia. They got me loving the M-word (that’s M for manual) and I haven’t looked back. Except to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.