Remembering 9/11…


Copyright: Louise Ralph

9/11 memorial pools

Most of us know exactly where we were on September 11 2001. I remember watching the television footage with EB in our financial planner’s office.

We watched with absolute horror and disbelief as the hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Centre.

Then suddenly there was new footage as another one struck.

It is eerie to be standing here today, in this place where ordinary people were going about their business on that day.

Then this act of terror ripped them from their families, stole America’s innocence and sent ripples around the globe.

The two pools are a fitting memorial to those lost on that horrific day, especially for the families left behind to mourn them.

The pools reflect the physical space left when the twin towers were destroyed, while the curtains of water fall like teardrops into the void – tears for lives lost and a world forever changed…

Copyright: Louise Ralph

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