A dragonfly’s fear of flying…

Copyright: Louise Ralph‘On the flight path’ isn’t exactly the best blog handle for someone who absolutely hates flying.

When those engines are cranking up, I just know something bad is going to happen.

When the safety procedure starts and nobody is paying attention, my body is going cold and my hands are getting clammy.

And if we hit a bit of turbulence, well there’s no point telling me to pretend I’m on a roller coaster. That never works (especially NOT on a roller coaster).

EB reckons I’m the safest person to fly with – because I mentally hold the plane up the whole way. Yes, even on the long-haul flights.

For a ‘dragonfly’, I’m not a natural flier…

But there are things I do love about flying…when the neurosis settles to a manageable level and evacuation isn’t an option.

I love the hours of disconnected freedom – where I can’t go anywhere or do anything except be right there.

I can watch movies, read, write or doze off without guilt. I get fed and watered without lifting a finger.

And when I finally land, I’m excited to be wherever it is I am (and only partly because I’m on terre ferme).

I even feel refreshed. Which is kind of weird. Then again, I am a dragonfly with a fear of flying.

The only way is up…

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