On your Vespa…

I’m always banging on about life beginning at the edge of your comfort zone… So recently I walked the talk. Well, rode it really.

We’ve bought ourselves a Vespa to take with us on our travels in the Douglas Albert.

It’s a 250cc, so we had to do a day of training and assessments to get our bike licenses.

For EB, this was destined to be a pushover, but I was trembling in my boots… and gloves… and helmet.

Well, I am five-foot-nothing and reaching the ground on a motorbike or scooter is a challenge in itself.

But how hard could it be, I thought. It’s just a scooter, right?

Ah yes, but you still have to do those tricky tight figure eights, lane-width u-turns, slaloms weaving through witches hats at 25kph, full-speed emergency braking, slow rides travelling along a narrow 4m strip at a snail’s pace (designed so you don’t drop your bike in car parks!), road rides and more.

From the very beginning, there was no way I was ever getting that slalom. Except I did, it was brilliant fun, and (girl power) I beat the heck out of the blokes!

Have you challenged yourself lately? Have you been thinking about trying something new, but you’re feeling the fear and stuck on the ‘what ifs’?

I reckon now is a great time to give it a go! Because there’s nothing better than taking on your own fears.

Well, except getting on your Vespa and taking the scenic route…


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