New York, New York…

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New York City has a pulse. At night it glows, drawing you like a moth to the flame – even when the thing you need most is to stay in and have an early night.

Along the restaurant strip on 45th Street, we stop for a late dinner at Bocca Di Bacco, not because it’s recommended to us but because it looks cozy and classy (and I’ve been learning Italian, so I like the name).

Either we’re lucky or you can’t go far wrong in New York when it comes to restaurants, because the authentic Italian food, extensive wine list and relaxed, friendly service is pretty awesome.

At midnight, we find ourselves promenading along Broadway with the multitudes, indulging in people-watching and stopping at iconic stores like the Hard Rock Cafe and Disney on Broadway.

Apart from New York’s ubiquitous yellow taxis, you can’t help noticing the number of dark ‘urban assault vehicles’ on the street. I’ve always been a bit cynical about movies where people just don’t notice those vehicles lurking outside their apartment.

Now I know why they wouldn’t realise they’re being watched or followed. Black Chevrolet Surburbans or Cadillac Escalabes with heavily tinted windows are everywhere you look. Clearly New Yorkers love them – either that or there’s a lot of surveillance going on around here.

Ah New York. A waiter told us the city really does sleep – but only between 4am and 6am. I’ve decided our motto for this trip is you can sleep when you’re dead.

I need more coffee…



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