coastal life + city fix

There is an ideal view of the world. From our office window in Pottsville – and in our heads. But reality bites…

view from the loft

A few months ago, we followed our hearts and moved down to Pottsville, a small coastal town in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Now, hanging out in the Douglas Albert in a caravan park just outside Brisbane’s CBD, we can’t help laughing at ourselves (a little hysterically). What were we thinking?

With both of our businesses based in Brisbane, we thought things would bubble along as usual, meeting with clients a couple of days a week and working from our ‘loft’ overlooking the ocean the rest of the time.

Instead, we leave home on a Monday morning at 3.45 to miss the traffic, set ourselves up in the ‘trailer park’, work with our clients for the week, then head home after 7pm on Thursday to miss the ‘car park’ on the M1.

C’est la vie. What’s not to like about a life in motion?

It requires being more organised than usual (did I mention I hate packing) and a lot of adjusting.

But we’re discovering new parts of a city we thought was beyond familiar and we seem to have more time to enjoy it. After all, playing house in a motorhome isn’t exactly a lot of work.

And driving back to the coast at the end of every week just feels right. Not quite home yet, but that shift in energy as the ocean comes into view is an amazing feeling.

Recently, rolling back into Brisbane as dawn bathed the city in hazy gold, we realised how much we loved this coastal life + city fix. Not forever, but for now…

We can feel that subtle shift as ‘the end’ of our comfort zone moves further away. Which just goes to show that change isn’t only good, it’s revitalizing.

There’s another upside. We’re now prepped and ready for those grey nomad wanderings in the DA. And it could happen sooner rather than later now.

This lifestyle is addictive…

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