Bringing the baby (bromptons) home

Our new toys have arrived, and they make every bike ride feel like a holiday. I’m even tempted to buy a baguette and a bunch of flowers for the ‘basket’.

Introducing our new Baby Bs. That’s B for Bromptons, the fabulous folding bikes we ordered before we went to France.

How fabulous? [Cue nursery rhyme music].

Copyright: Louise Ralph

This is the way we fold the Bs, fold the Bs…

Copyright: Louise Ralph

…fold the Bs. La la la

Let’s just say, we draw a crowd whenever we fold them up. Or maybe that’s because we now have that certain ‘weird’ factor.

Oh well, nothing like being windswept and interesting!

Besides, they’re super responsive and a bit like riding a BMX bike – so we’re having heaps of fun zipping around the place.

But wait, there’s more. They fit in the back of my Mini and in the Douglas Albert. We can use them for touring and (my favourite bit) we can easily jump on buses and trains with them. Perfect.

Mais maintenant, it’s time for me and EB to zip out to lunch. On our Bromptons of course. A plus tard…

EB’s Baby B. Nice.

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