Everything is possible: holiday resolutions

You know the drill. You’re on holidays and the stress has melted away, leaving you feeling like anything is possible.

You’ll get back home and do those things you’ve been putting off forever.

You’ll change your life, or at least your attitude to it.

You won’t be sucked back into the stress zone. And those end of the day ‘power wine-downs’ will be a thing of the past.

You can almost hear your liver whispering ‘thank you’.

Yep, anything is possible.

Fast forward a few weeks and it’s easy to forget you’ve ever been away. The relentless pace of life sucks you in – and under.


The other day, I found myself grabbing lunch and taking it back to my desk. I stopped mid-stride.

‘I reckon you wouldn’t find a single French person eating lunch at their desk,’ I thought.

And I went back outside to find a place in the sun…

My friend posted this Seth Godin quote on faffbook recently, and it’s worth repeating (even if we are planning our next getaway!):

Maybe it’s not about big changes and Humpty-Dumpty resolutions. Maybe hanging onto that ‘holiday spirit’ is about the little things that build momentum in your life and eventually add up to the way you live.

And where you eat lunch.


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4 responses to “Everything is possible: holiday resolutions

  • wineandhistory

    When I started my current job almost 2 years ago, everybody in my department ate lunch at their desks. I started eating lunch at the lunch table, and at first, I was always alone. But pretty soon – my coworkers came to join me, and now I’m never alone! I believe work should not be talked about at lunch either, and they are getting better, but I’m still working on that one!

    • dragonfly ink

      Great stuff, Camille! I’ve done the same thing in various client offices I work in and it’s such and fun to watch the transition. It just takes one person to start the ‘no crumbs on the keyboard’ revolution… Keep at them 🙂

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