Gone to the dogs…

I see so many shops called Le Chat this or that in France, but so far I’ve only seen three cats. Wild, bedraggled and very un-pampered.

Dogs, now that’s another story. They are everywhere. In shops, beside us in restaurants (yes, even the posh ones), at breakfast in the hotel. Wait… they are guests here?

Two take the lift to the second floor after breakfast this morning, leading their owners. This is taking “a man’s best friend” to a whole new level.

Perhaps it’s true. Somewhere on a distant planet in another galaxy, we are being observed by an alien dog race, intent on studying our behaviour, plotting to take over the Earth.

How else do you explain us brushing and pampering them, letting them sleep on our couch or in our beds, feeding them a gourmet diet – and picking up their poo?

Perhaps, someday, they’ll be taking us for walks and carrying black people-poo bags to clean up our indiscretions. Hmmm, somehow I think that might be beneath them.

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