Shape-shifting, EB style.

EB in Hong KongWhen EB was in Italy, he looked kind-of Italian. Even when we were wandering through a dodgy part of Florence around midnight, the gangsta-esque locals would nod at us as we passed.

In Asian countries, he shifts again and manages to blend into the surroundings. Even walking through South Bank in Brisbane, a young Aboriginal man passes and calls him brother, acknowledging him like he’s a respected Elder.

Put him with kiwis or islanders and the ‘bro’ chat is flowing thick and fast. Then he’ll be at a wine tasting somewhere and he transforms into an arty, vino-savvy bro (without the nauseating arrogance!)

Some people are just at home in the world. EB is one of them.

And I get to travel with my own shape-shifting superhero. Bonus.

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